Just i give you suggest to try this way for see difference between speed from before and after.
its up to you which-one you want to use but please before try don't say its delusion!
For sure
No Yandex is not slow, but because a lot of users are using the server and the server responds so late.
I don't know how much you know about IP Ports but whatever distance be far total sent and receive is more,

For example:
Do you know how many websites and members are using of this server load in them sites in per second??
Do try and see :-)

This issue is about called {$aHtmlHeadFiles.js} in header file. and this code called share.js from another server so, you will see your site loader is so long, when you called share.js from your host with my article you will see your header js load very fast because it is loaded from your host no busy server that everyone loading from there.
yes can be
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ ./index.php
# Alternative rule
#RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /index.php

#RewriteRule ^(.*)$ ./index.php
# Alternative rule
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /index.php

It doesn't work still.

Hi! What OS are you use? .....

Hi, I using of windows 7 with WAMPSERVER software.
htaccess? ( altocms.ru/blog/132.html )?

NO! :) I learned that :D but i don't know why I couldn't install alto on localhost! is here a tutorial??
what should i do?
tnx but i need some help:

memcached + php5-fpm + apache2 + apc + nginx
Move all statics on nginx and is very fast

could you tell me where are these folders or files? (i don't know)?

If you want to achieve even better effect, place the database and template files on separate servers. Such combination allows to withstand 200 000 unique users per day without any extra effort.

So, if i uploaded these parts to another server, what can i do for matches these servers files together??
thank you so much.

if i want to change LTR to RTL wich part of css need i chane? could you tell me the css names? (Just i want to change notes places no sidebar or menubar)

Kiss you babe <3
My .htaccess was empty! i copied codes from github.com/altocms/altocms/blob/master/.htaccess to my .htaccess and its work :D

Thank you.
I see this error:

Friends in my cpanel is no any Admin folder! so how can i login to my admin panel with this address «yoursite.com/admin»?

Thanks of all of you dudes.
But still i can not login in to my web site with admin user! but with another user i made it i can logging for normal user!
not understand… if you installed Alto & delete the install directory, you must have login from index
yep, if don't delete Install folder how could i see my main page! :D

I think it's because the Alto CMS is just launched. Another thing is, there is not much English-speaking visitors in here, I think you're the first one that I've seen. I'm pretty sure there will be English version of this website, it's just a matter of time. In the meantime feel free to ask questions, I'm sure you'll find answers to your questions, we've a great community :)

I'm sure you can be great community, i had have alot friends from Russia and other countries then they speak Russian like Kazakhstan… I'm sure you can be #1. (With the best wishes)

— A suggestion:
This is true i couldn't go to admin panel but i translated this Cms to Persian language around 30%.
I'm hope this website manager would like to develop it. I don't know who is it. but if someone of you know please tell about my suggest.